October 4th

A message for World Animal Day

There are many ways to celebrate and honor animals on World Animal Day

October 4th is World Animal Day, the date to raise awareness and promote compassion for all animals, not just those we have at home, but also those who have been abandoned in the streets, wild animals at the risk of extinction and all of those who are exploited , imprisoned, tortured and killed for human consumption in all of its forms, from food to clothing, entertainment and other consumer goods.

The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 30 million homeless animals, between cats and dogs, in the streets of Brazil. A good way to celebrate today’s date is raise awareness of the situation of those animals and make people see that buying a pet means supporting an evil trade where animals are treated like commodities, where females are treated like breeding machines and when they are no longer useful, they are discarded like things. Adopting an animal is a simple and effective gesture of love, it is a way of getting rid of prejudices against animals who do not match a certain type and find a friend for life. If you can’t adopt an animal, you can support rescue organizations, or perhaps foster an animal until they find a forever home. You can volunteer, donate food, medication and money to help organizations that spare no efforts to save lives.

Standing up for wild animals who are being trafficked is another action you can take on World Animal Day. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, Brazil has around 1.172 species that are threatened with extinction. Animal trafficking is largely responsible for that as well as livestock and monocultures such as soya. We must defend the idea that animals belong in the wild, their habitats need to be protected and we can support organizations that defend wildlife.

Boycotting zoos and parks with marine animals is another action in line with World Animal Day. Those places are prisons for animals who never committed any crime, and are forcibly taken away from their habitats (or bred into captivity like slaves). Many of them develop depression because of the loneliness and humiliation they are subjected. Marine animals are forced to learn tricks and perform for paying visitors, who finance this sordid business. It’s a very ugly business.

Another way to celebrate World Animal Day is to take a stand against animal testing. Every year more than 100 million animals across the globe die as a consequence of animal testing. Animals are victimized by tests with drugs, toxic materials, training exercises and other types of torture. A survey by Datafolha, a leading Brazilian polling organization, found that 41% of Brazilians are against animal testing. These numbers can and must go up as more people see animals are sentient beings who deserve rights.

Finally, World Animal Day is a day to consider adopting a vegan diet and help spare billions of animals from a cruel end at the slaughterhouse. Cows, pigs and chicken are cruelly exploited for their body parts and fluids, treated worse than things by an industry hellbent on profit. According to the Brazilian institute of statistics (IBGE), one cow, one pig and 180 chickens are killed every second in Brazil. This staggering figure gives us a dimension of all the suffering they face as well endure during their miserable lives in cages, pens and other places of confinement.

Celebrate World Animal Day by embracing the idea that every life has value. Therefore, in order to build an ethical world, humans need to stop consuming any product or service that relies on animal cruelty. Let’s do it and make the world a safer place for animals.

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