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ANDA expands with English-language website focused on Brazil

ANDA (Animal Rights News Agency), was created to promote respect to all animal life and deliver quality journalistic content, from the perspective of animal’s best interests, to the media and society.

11 years have gone by since ANDA’s foundation. During this time, we have focused on courageous and professional journalism, making way for broader coverage of the animal rights agenda by the mainstream media. But we need to go further. Right now, animals and the environment are being attacked like never before in Brazil, and we need to expand our audiences overseas.

In order to reach that goal, we are launching Global Anda with the journalist and activist Lobo Pasolini at the helm. From October 4th, Global ANDA will offer up to eight pieces a day, including exclusive interviews, news articles, features and op-eds.

We will deliver English-language content to the world on animal and environmental issues from Brazil.

Why did we choose October 4th as launch date?

For a very simple reason: It is World Animal Day. The date has religious roots (St Francis’s Day) but it has become an important platform to increase media coverage on the issues and causes we support.

Those include the daily abuse of cats and dogs and the perverse treatment of animals in rodeos, cock-fighting rings, zoos and circuses. Rats, pigs, rabbits, monkeys and many other animals tortured at universities and pharmaceutical labs. The cruel exploitation animals by the food and fashion industries. All mammals, fish and birds who have their flesh, bone, fur, feather and hair extracted from them. The blatant disrespect for wildlife by those who defend the commercial exploitation of forests and those who traffick lives. The destruction of wildlife and the poisoning of the soil, the air and the water with the outrageous use of increasingly aggressive pesticides. No issue escapes our radar.

In Brazil today, the lives of indigenous people and wild animals, many of whom are on the brink of extinction, are being treated with contempt. Those in power shamelessly express their interest in the riches found in the soil; everything that sits on top of the reserves of gold, niobium and other metals, is treated like an obstacle to be removed.

It is estimated that the Amazon biome harbors thousands of species of insects, birds, fish and plants. Many of those are not even known by us. We must respect those lives and protect them. We need to gather people from all over the world to stand up for all forms of life in Brazil and in the whole world..

Global ANDA arrives with a mission to support efforts to preserve animal life and natural resources.

Silvana Andrade
Journalist, founder and president, ANDA

Since 2008, ANDA has been producing professional, committed, free, courageous and independent journalism, totally free of charge and accessible to all. Our work has earned the recognition of the Brazilian press and society. We work non-stop to deliver content and promote animal rights and we need your help to continue. Please consider making a donation to ANDA. Any amount makes a difference! This way, you can be part of the change we all want to see for the animals and the planet. PLEASE DONATE NOW.




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