Brazilian cosmetics giant goes cruelty-free

All Boticário brands are now cruelty-free

The announcement was made yesterday on Cruelty-free´s Facebook page to coincide with World Animal Day.

Image credit: Cruelty-free International
Image credit: Cruelty-free International

Cruelty-free International announced yesterday that Grupo Boticário, one of Brazil’s leading cosmetics, fragrances and skin care companies, are now Leaping Bunny-approved for their entire range of cosmetic products. The announcement was made yesterday on Cruelty-free International’s Facebook page to coincide with World Animal Day.

Grupo Boticário owns six of the biggest beauty brands in Brazil, including O Boticário, which is the largest cosmetics franchise in the world. The company’s brand portfolio also includes Eudoria, Quem Disse, Berenice?, The Beauty Box and Vult.

“Becoming Leaping Bunny-approved is a challenging process that involves a company working through its entire supply chain right down to ingredient and raw material level. For a company this size, this is a huge undertaking. Grupo Boticário demonstrates that it is possible to be global and innovative without cosmetics tests on animals,” said Michelle Thew, Cruelty Free International CEO.

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