Amazon fires

Brazilian president says he encouraged Amazon fires

Brazilian president says openly he encouraged fires in the Amazon

During a commercial visit to the United Emirates, Brazilian neo-fascist president, Jair Bolsonaro, said to a group of potential investors that he encouraged fires in the Amazon as part of the new government’s policies for the region, which is home to the planet’s most important carbon sink and a great chunk of the world’s biodiversity.

The statement, reproduced in various Brazilian media outlets, contradicts the president’s self-fabricated fake news at the peak of the fire crisis, when he suggested that NGOs had started the fires, which in reality are the work of criminal “farmers”, loggers and miners, who support the fascist president. The Supreme Court even ordered Bolsonaro to explain his declarations attacking NGOs.

The fires that have been burning the Amazon, and which increased 83% in comparison with the previous year, have decimated wildlife, including an estimated total of 500 jaguars. Scientists say the forest can take decades to recover, if at all.




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