Extinction Rebellion calls protests at Brazilian embassies

In response to the oil spill that is spreading along the coast of the northeast of Brazil, and which is destroying animal life and the coastline of a region that lives off tourism, Extinction Rebellion is calling for a day of protest outside Brazilian embassies tomorrow, Friday 25th.

“For more than 30 days, all living communities have been suffering silently from an ECOCIDE in Brazil’s oceans and coasts,” XR said in a Facebook post.

As we have reported before, the government has shown no willingness to deal with problems, leaving to locals to do the work voluntarily. Instead, the minister of the environment, Ricardo Salles, spends his time demonizing NGOs and trying to transfer his own responsibilities to them. Yesterday he published a badly edited video on Twitter account, showing local people cleaning the beaches as if that was a governmental action and accusing Greenpeace of inertia.

“The Brazilian population calls on the international community to bring their voices on this issue and invites all citizens, of all cities and capitals of the world to manifest tomorrow,” added XR.


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