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Giant anaconda spotted in the Amazon

Anaconda sightings are common in the Amazon region

The wonderful reptilian is found all over the Amazon region

Photo credit: video screengrab

A video of a giant anaconda, known as sucuri in Portuguese, was posted on social networks by a man who lives in Apuí, in the southern part of the Amazon. Laudelino Fernandes told Brazilian media that such big anacondas are easy to spot in the region since they make their home in that part of the forest, thanks to the availability of food.

According to experts, the average length of a sucuri anaconda is between four and eight meters (13-26ft) , but there have been records of animals whose length reaches up to 10 meters (33ft)

“They are found everywhere in the Amazon region and their size varies a lot,” Luciana Frazão, a biologist who works at Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM), told G1. They are harmless when left alone, she added. “Humans are not their natural prey. They feed on small mammals, such as capivaras, and other reptilians. It’s best to always keep a safe distance and respect them.”

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