Animal cruelty

Country singer gets criticized for cattle-branding picture

Leonardo, one of Brazil's most famous country singers, got criticized for posting a picture where he brands a cow

Country singer shows off how to torture cows with hot iron

Image source: Instagram

Leonardo, one of the most famous Brazilian country singers, decided to show his fans his cowboy skills by posting on Instagram a picture taken on his farm where he brands a cow with hot iron. Some of his followers did not enjoy the animal cruelty on display, though.

Soon after he posted the picture on Monday (7), a fan commented: “That’s evil! Would you like to be burned?” Another one fired: “So sad that after all these years people still commit such acts of cruelty against animals.” “That’s really sad,” wrote yet another one.

Like many other country singers in Brazil, Leonardo has strong ties with agribusiness and promotes the cowboy lifestyle involving animal exploitation. He often performs at rodeos and one of his songs celebrates this type of animal cruelty (“Rodeo fest”).

Unfortunately, branding an animal with hot iron is not illegal in Brazil. Animals on farms are routinely exposed to different types of cruelty, including dehorning, whipping, confinement, forced impregnation and separation from offspring, to name but a few.

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