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Meet Leon, the world’s most famous cat attorney

The story of a stray cat rescued by a legal organization is an example to the rest of us.

Image credit: Instagram/dr_leon_advogato

It is a pun made in furry heaven. Attorney in Portuguese is ‘advogado’ while cat is ‘gato’ – mix these two words together and you get ‘advogato’, the cat attorney.

Of course, it was not just for the sake of making a good pun that staff at OAB (Order of Attorneys of Brazil) decided to ‘hire’ a stray cat that sought shelter from the rain in their office in the Amapá chapter of the order. Amapá is the northernmost state of Brazil and borders Suriname, the French Guiana and the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, it was Leon, the brown and white Siamese cat, that clawed his way to the receptionist role he made his own with a lot of charm and people skills. At first, it was a volunteer job and not everyone was happy to have a friendly feline presence at such a serious institution. But the organization was keen to keep Leon and, in order to appease haters, they made him into the official receptionist, with his own uniform and employee badge. It worked. With an official role and an Instagram account of 93,600 followers, he now lives a cushioned life, with plenty of quality food and cat toys. And everyone loves him.

Best of all, other animals in the region will benefit from Leon’s groundbreaking legal incursion. The introduction of the animal to the OAB/AP stable has inspired his fellow legal professionals to launch an animal rights institute named after him. “It’s called Instituto Dr Leon. Unfortunately, we cannot house all [the animals], so we will fund the [non-governmental organisations (NGOs)] in town. We will be an example for Brazil,” they told Paws Planet.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the project can donate to their crowdfunding campaign, which can be found here.

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