Love is the cure

New law allows pets in hospitals in southern Brazilian state

The health benefits of pet visits are increasingly acknowledge worldwide

Photo: Facebook/Regina Becker

A new piece of legislation allowing pets to visit patients in hospitals in Rio Grande do Sul State has come info effect. The legislation was passed with a unanimous vote last month and will be sanctioned by governor Leite tomorrow (31).

“Science has proven that animals help their guardians recover because they feel more motivated,” says Regina Becker, regional secretary of labor and social services and an animal rights activist.

The new bill allows pets to visit both private and public hospitals. Health professionals have welcomed the new legislation.

“We’ve had visits from all types of animals,” nurse Daiane Cunha told G1. “It relieves the patient’s pain and anxiety. It also improves behavior,” she said.

There are several rules to be observed by visitors with pets. Prior washing, adequate transportation and advance booking are some of the prerequisites for hospital pet visits.


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