New Vogue Brasil beauty columnist is vegan

She transitioned during a cruelty-free immersion two years ago

Picture credit: Renata Kalil/Instagram

Vogue Brasil, aware of the new trends in beauty and the appetite for cruelty-free cosmetics, has drafted in Renata Kalil, vegan activist and expert in this segment who is spreading the word about it in Brazil and further afield.

In an editorial published earlier this month, Renata, who’s been vegan for two years, tells her new Vogue readers how she became vegan during her time in Los Angeles (USA), working as editor with Glamour magazine, where she stayed for six years.

“I was invited by Kat Von D, the vegan activist tattooist, to take part of a cruelty-free immersion in California in order to mark the launch of her brand,” Renata says. The program of the immersion included a tour of the best vegan restaurants in the city and a visit to Farm Sanctuary, an animal shelter in the Acton area. “The experience was a turning point for me,” she adds. I learned about the shocking facts of the modern food industry and I realized that veganism was possible, delicious, the future,” she added.

Back in Brazil, she cut out all things animal from her diet and then extended that into beauty products. “Veganism is a permanent transition. We live in a non-vegan world and I realized that fear and hatred are not the answer. So, I celebrate every step in the right direction, both in my personal trajectory or when a company goes cruelty-free or adopts a more sustainable practice.”

Now Renata splits her time between Los Angeles and São Paulo. She produces content on beauty and sustainable lifestyle in her social networks, and also works as a consultant and lecturer on the theme. She shares her ideas and experiences in the Vogue Gente section of the magazine.

In her most recent piece, she talks about how a vegan diet can help tackling climate change. You can read it here.


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