Swine fever

Pigs with swine fever to be killed in Brazil

Asia is currently in the grip of a swine fever outbreak

For farm animals, disease is treated with a death sentence

Image credit: Jonathan Lins/ASCOM FPI

Pigs with swine fever in Traipu, in the state of Alagoas, northeastern Brazil, will be killed by local authorities to stop contamination of the rest of the herd. The farm where the infected pigs are has been sealed off and no animals are allowed in or out. Altogether, 935 animals live on the farm and the exact number of animals who will be killed has not been informed.

Among the symptoms of swine fever are high temperature, high mortality rate in young animals, red rashes, motor impairment, diarrhea and others.

Swine fever is one of many diseases that animal agriculture generates and which requires huge efforts to be controlled. Asia recently carried out a massive cull program in response to an outbreak of African swine fever, a more lethal variation of the virus that can kill an animal within just a week of infection.

For animals on farms, it’s always a lose-lose situation. Besides being constantly tortured, if a virus doesn’t catch them, then a human with a sharp blade at the slaughterhouse will.

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