Ramba, the elephant, arrives in Brazil for retirement

The new elephant sanctuary in Brazil will be Ramba's home for life

Ramba has arrived in Brazil

Image credit: Reuters

It’s been a long and arduous journey for the 53-year-old elephant Ramba to Santuário dos Elefantes in Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso state, where she was welcomed on Thursday (October 17).

Born and bought in slavery in Asia, she was taken to Argentina, where she was exploited in circuses until 1995. After that, she was taken to Chile, where circus abuse continued for years.

Authorities finally acted after several reports of animal abuse had been filed and the circus where she lived was forbidden to use her in performances, even though they kept her custody. She was finally rescued in 2011, thanks to a Chilean NGO called Ecópolis. At the occasion, she was transferred to  a Safari Park in Rancágua. Located behind the Andes mountains, the weather was far from ideal for her and she suffered with the long, severe winters.

Ramba’s arrival in Brazil marks a new chapter in her life, in the right weather conditions. Although she bears the scars from her life in chains and suffers from chronic kidney problems for not having proper access to water during her time in the circus, she will now live out her sunset years in peace, just as she deserves.

Watch the video showing Ramba just after the arrival at the sanctuary:

Visit: Santuário dos Elefantes


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