Rio bus driver stops traffic to rescue dog

Serra got lucky after being hit by a car

A heart-warming story about a bus driver who stopped the traffic in Rio de Janeiro to rescue a dog after the animal had been hit by a car, has gone viral in Brazil, with local media paying homage to the hero at the wheel.

The bus was headed towards the Candelária region in the north of Rio de Janeiro when driver Michel saw the dog being hit by a car. The Shar-Pei dog looked frightened and disoriented, so Michel didn’t think twice before stopping and rescuing the dog in distress.

He then recorded a video to try to find the dog’s guardians. Meanwhile, he took the dog to a vet and then to his home, where he was immediately welcomed by Michel’s family. He named him Serra in reference to the name of the area where Serra was found.

The video viralized on social networks and the guardian was found. He turned out to be in hospital so Serra is going to stay with his new friends until his dad is recovered. So what started as a tragedy, has evolved into a long, fun sleepover.


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