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Rio dogs allowed back on the beach

The dogs of Ipanema are wagging their tails

Dogs can now enjoy Rio's famous beaches
Dogs can now enjoy Rio’s famous beaches. Photo credit: O Grito do Bicho

Dog-loving lawmakers in Rio de Janeiro have succeeded in passing a new bill that allows guardians to take their dogs to any beach in the city. The new bill replaces a 2005 piece of legislation that banned dogs from Rio’s beaches.

According to the new regulation, dogs will get their own designated areas on Rio’s famous beaches. Guardians will also need to ensure their pets are vaccinated, debugged and leashed.

The new bill was hailed as a victory by animal protection groups, who said the new rules will simply regulate what dog guardians already do.

The author of the bill, councilor Ramos Filho, said he was very excited about the development and would try to get a meeting with the mayor as quickly as possible to talk about a pilot dog area on Copacabana Beach.

“Dogs are now part of the family and the law needs to reflect that. With dedicated areas, we will have a more democratic space for them if everyone abides by the rules,” said Ramos Filho.

An Instagram account called @vaitercachorronapraiasim was created to attract public support and publicize related actions.

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