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Brazilian acting star couple rescue puppy from the roadside

Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank are the coolest star couples in Brazil.

Giovanna Ewbank and Lasanha. Photo: Instagram/Gio_Ewbank

Celebrity couple and acting stars Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank, have welcomed a new addition to their family, which already includes adopted animals and an adopted girl. Last Sunday (3), the couple was driving from Angra dos Reis, in the south of Rio de Janeiro state, when they spotted a puppy at the roadside, at risk of being run over by a car, and didn’t think twice before rescuing her.

On Monday (4) they posted the first pictures of their new baby, who has virtually no fur because of mange, besides lots of small wounds. Gagliasso and Ewbank are vocal supporters of animal rights in Brazil and have massive followings on social media. Ewbank alone has more than three million followers so their new baby, who they’ve named Lasanha, became instantly famous and is helping promote rescue.

Gagliasso also published pictures of Lasanha having her first bath and said they are taking good care of her. “She is just a baby and will grow into a beautiful dog”, he said and added that as soon as they saw her, they felt their hearts fill with love.

“Now she has a name, a home and a family. Over the next few days she will be taken care of so she can play with our other babies. Be welcome, Lasanha. PS: Mind my daughter’s little tongue,” the actor wrote in his Instagram account.

Brazil has a massive homeless pet population. Even though adoption has become more popular and even fashionable, there still are around 30 million animals (20 million dogs and 10 million cats) living in the streets and dying slow, painful deaths from thirst, hunger, violence, disease and accidents.


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