Fireworks hell

Brazilian state passes new law limiting fireworks

Animals, children with autism and the elderly suffer the most

All over the world, an increasing number of people are posting shocking videos and photos of pets who are terrified of fireworks, pets who have died from fireworks and other horrors that come with this barbaric practice.

It’s not only pets, with their sharp hearing, that suffer from this type of violence. Children, especially autistic children, the elderly and people with a heart condition are negatively affected by the frightening noises fireworks produce. We have to wonder how such an atrocious thing became legal.

Fortunately, the discussion is becoming louder and even lawmakers are starting to act.  Today, the governor of Brazil’s southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul, sanctioned a new piece of legislation by state legislator, Luciana Genro, banning the use of noise-producing fireworks in that state. Bill 15.366 is a small victory for all those who suffer with the apocalyptic noises those devices unnecessarily produce.

The local government now has 90 days to regulate the new bill. “I am drafting a proposal to ensure the law is enforced,” Genro wrote in her Facebook profile. Those who fail to observe it will receive a fine of R$2.000 (US$492.). Genro is hoping the law will educate people rather than punish. “More important is that people know about the ban and don’t buy the crackers in the first place,” she said.

The legislation does not ban the making and sale of fireworks, though, because that would require new federal legislation. But the lawmaker will propose that manufacturers and dealers prove with tests that the devices they intend to sell do not go beyond 100 decibels, and this will have to be labeled on the packaging.

“Therefore, anyone who buys a product without the label will know that they can’t use them. They will have to register the product at the point of purchase to make it easier to track it down in case of reports of noisy displays,” added Genro.

The idea is to discourage people from purchasing any devices that make noise above 100 decibels since they will not be allowed to use them.

The video below was shared online to show how terrified dogs become during fireworks nights


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