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MFA Brasil releases live export video campaign

Luisa Mell narrates new MFA Brasil video denouncing the horrors of live exports.

MFA Brazil launches live export ban campaign

Image: video still (Mercy for Animals)

The Brazilian branch of Mercy for Animals yesterday released a video denouncing the horrors of the live export business in Brazil. The video is accompanied by a petition to Senate, urging the House to ban live exports from Brazil

The video is narrated by Luisa Mell, a TV celebrity who is one of the most prominent animal rights activists in Brazil, with millions of followers on social media.

Mell describes the horrors the animals undergo throughout the whole process of shipment and delivery. In Brazil, they have to travel for many hours from farm to the port of departure.

The massive ships can carry as many as 27,000 animals, usually bound for Islam countries for Halal slaughter. In those countries, animal welfare legislation is virtually non-existent and animals have to endure a slow, painful death, besides the rough handling by industry workers.

According to industry numbers, in 2018 790,000 animals were exported live to be killed in the Middle-East, up from 407,000 in 2017. These numbers are likely to grow with the neo-fascist Brazilian government.

India and New Zealand are gradually reducing the number of live exports as public awareness of the horrors involved in this cruel trade puts pressure on government to act, MFA Brasil says.

In the UK, the new Labour manifesto also includes a ban on live exports. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Brazil has also defended the end of live exports and says they break the law.

“From the day the animals are loaded onto crowded and dirty ships to the moment when they are brutally killed, their lives are marked by misery and deprivation,” says Mercy For Animals’ executive director in Brazil, Sandra Lopes. “As a civilized society, it is out duty to ban the outrageous live export trade, a complete disaster for animals and the environment.”

Link to petition asking Senate for a ban on live exports.

Watch the video:


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