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Postman who takes selfies with dogs becomes a social media hit

Angelo Cristiano delivers letters, parcels and lots of kisses to the animals he encounters in his work route.

Photo credit: Ângelo Cristiano

One clichéd sketch of old cartoons and slapstick comedy is the postman being chased off by a dog, a piece of fabric dangling from their mouth, probably snatched from the poor postman’s derrière. But times have changed – for the better – and these days dogs and postmen get on with each other really well and even do selfies together.

Well, at least that’s the case with Angelo Cristiano da Silva, 33, who works as a postman in Guaratinguetá, a small city in São Paulo state, in the southeast of Brazil. Ângelo is dedicated to making friends with the dogs who often spend their days on their own in the front garden and bring them a little bit of joy when he passes by with letters and parcels.

The post man has turned his affinity with dogs into a small social media hub and a platform to help animals in need in the region where he lives.

Ângelo has been a life-long friend of animals. His parents always had animals at home and before he became known on Instagram, he supported independent rescue groups in his area. Until one day he came across a couple of puppies on his way to work.

“They were so young their eyes were still closed,”  he tells Global Anda. “So I took a picture of them lying on top of my postbag and shared it to a WhatsApp group asking for help. I had to go to work and couldn’t really help them.”

Luckily, other people could come to the rescue and save the two little puppies. And the picture ended up on Facebook and viralized on lots of animal protection Facebook groups, sparking the idea for a ‘postman and dogs’ theme.

“The guys in those groups encouraged me to make public profiles on Facebook and Instagram dedicated to my interaction with animals while working as a postman,” Ângelo recounts.

Social media presence

And that’s how it started. These days, the animal-loving postman has more than 90,000 followers on his Instagram account and 248,000 on Facebook, which he uses the attention he gets to help animals in need. He runs a permanent online fundraiser. With the funds, he gets, he helps finance spay-and-neuter operations, treatments and other actions needed in animal rescue.

“I wish I could do more for them. There is no public support for animals in this region, and unfortunately we can’t help all animals we wanted do,” says Ângelo. He adds that he gets a lot of compliments from work colleagues. Now, other postmen send him pictures they also take with animals while delivering parcels.

“I try to teach other colleagues how to deal with animals to avoid accidents and improve their relationship. I hope have been able to inspire other colleagues to have respect for animals,” he says.

Ângelo with one of his furry friends:

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