Extreme cruelty

Dog-fighting case shocks Brazil

The arrest of 41 people in São Paulo who took part of a dog fighting ring has cracked open a dark underworld most Brazilians are not aware of.

Police described fight site as 'horror film'.

Photo: Marcelo Assunção/ TV Globo

Police in São Paulo has busted a dog-fighting ring that has shocked the country. The arrest took place on Saturday (14) in a ranch in Mairiporã (São Paulo) and 41 people were taken into custody.

70 officers worked on the operation. They found on the site of the ring trophies, steroid bottles, marketing T-shirts and a spreadsheet with a list of fights and the value of each bet.

Besides betting on the dogs, the participants of this violent and macabre game also barbecued the bodies of dead dogs and ate them.

All the people arrested will be charged with criminal association, animal abuse and gambling.

On Monday evening (16) a judge released on bail all but one of the men. Among the people detained are an American, two Peruvians and two Mexicans. A police officer, a doctor and a veterinary were among the detainees.

São Paulo police cracked the location of the ring with the help of Paraná State Police, as an animal supplier was located in that region.

Animal advocates rescue dogs exploited in fights

The 19 animals found on the site have been rescued by animal charity volunteers. The bodies of two dead animals were also found on the site.

“First, they will go through a health check-up. After that, they will need to be socialized, neutered and finally put up for adoption,” a volunteer told G1.

Dog-fighting is not part of Brazilian culture

Most Brazilians are not aware of the existence of dog fighting. Some people took to social media to express their horror at what they saw in the news.

“I have been an animal advocate since my first mandate. Today’s news cause sadness and repulsion. A person who can do that can do anything,” wrote Roberto de Lucena, a São Paulo State lawmaker.

Another Twitter user wrote that “humans are definitely the worst species.”

Now, animal advocates fear the country is part of an international criminal circuit that may be better organized than previously thought.

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