Ramba, the elephant, dies

Ramba, the elephant, has died in Brazil.

The elephant whose saga captured the imagination of animal lovers has passed away peacefully.

Ramba. Photo: Santuário dos Elefantes.

Ramba, the elephant who endured decades of abuse in circuses and zoos, has passed away peacefully in Santuário dos Elefantes, an elephant sanctuary in the outback of Brazil. The announcement was made at the end of Friday (27).

The elephant arrived in October after a long journey from Chile. She adapted well to her new surroundings in a warmer, more elephant-friendly climate.

But her carers knew that the 56-year-old elephant did not have too long to live due to a chronic kidney problem that was diagnosed seven years ago in Chile.

“Ramba was special. There was something about her presence that brought us back to reason and made our hearts smile, all at the same time,” the managers of the sanctuary wrote on a Facebook post.

“We knew that each day Ramba spent at the sanctuary was a gift, but only for her, but for all those who had the chance to meet her. Everyone was, somehow, touched by her.”

Santuário dos Elefantes now has three elephants under their care: Rana, Maia and Lady.


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