Animal sanctuary

Vegan activist and TV star Luisa Mell buys forest land for sanctuary

Luisa Mell will expand her rescue operations to include wild animals in need.

The area will home abused animals rescued from circuses and zoos

Luisa Mell, one of the most prominent celebrity animal rights activists in Brazil has announced the purchase of forest land that will be used as an animal sanctuary.

She said the plan is to convert the area into a wildlife sanctuary. She told UOL news website she had the idea for the project during a recent fundraising dinner gala.

The land is in a region called Rio Grande da Serra in the São Paulo metropolitan region.

As an animal sanctuary, it won’t be open to public visitation to avoid stress to the animals, who will include individuals rescued from circuses and zoos.

Mell is currently starring a Facebook Watch series called Livre Acesso . The series allows viewers can follow her around her busy life rescuing animals, promoting events and educating the public on all issues related to animals, from rescue pets to veganism.

Earlier this week she welcomed to her shelter several of the pit bulls rescued during a police operation in São Paulo.

She campaigns tirelessly against breeding and has helped put the animal rights agenda in the mainstream with her constant work and good communication skills.

“It will be a sacred place of respect, love and care for nature. The forest will be preserved and monitored. The enclosures for the animals will be a dream. Dream with me,” wrote Mell on her Instagram along with the video below.


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