Meat cruelty

As beef prices soar, criminals kidnap animals

With soaring beef prices, criminals are targeting beef trucks and even stealing animals from farms.

Farm animals in Brazil face a new horror: kidnapping

With an increase in beef exports to China, which means more animals sent to the horrors of the slaughterhouse, beef prices have soared in Brazil.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean fewer people eating beef. Perhaps in Brazil, but more animals are being cruelly murdered to whet the new Chinese appetite for animal flesh.

The high prices in Brazil have spawned a new wave of crime, where trucks carrying beef, sometimes worth US$200,000, are being robbed by heavily armed criminals who then sell the beef in the illegal market.

According to a survey carried out by the Folha de São Paulo daily, there have been 23 reports of ‘beef robberies’ across 11 states.

Worryingly, those figures also include live animals stolen from the farms. So, besides the horrors they have to endure when they are raised, then transported and finally killed at the abattoir, cattle in Brazil now have to endure another kind of torture: kidnapping.

And, as we can imagine, kidnappers will not treat the cows nicely. They will probably be transported in gruesome ways since they are ‘stolen goods’ and need to be hidden from sight.

They will also be killed at illegal abattoirs, where no rules are observed. Surely enough, there is no humane way of killing, but there certainly are more extreme and painful ways of murdering an animal. That is very likely the case with kidnapped cattle.

All of this happens because there is demand for meat, even if it means buying stolen meat. If people did not support this cruel, environmentally-destructive business, it would disappear.

Animals would no longer be bred into a life of slavery and pain, and wildlife could keep its habitats as they would not be replaced with sterile pastures.

As Joaquin Phoenix said at the Jane Fonda’s climate rally, going vegan is something you can do now. No technology required, all it takes is good will.

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