Cruel trade

Public pet trading banned in Brasilia’s market area

The cruel trade is now illegal.

Animals are displayed like things in trading area in the capital of Brazil.

Image credit: Geison Guedes/Esp. CB/D.A Press

The Brasília Court of Justice has banned sale of pets in streets and squares in the vicinity of Feira dos Importados, no Setor de Indústria e Abastecimento (SIA).

The decision was issued by the environmental court in response to a civil action filed by a local citizen.

Anyone caught selling pets in the area will receive a R$10,000 (US$2.450) fine .

“Displaying dogs, cars and other animals in cages placed on public pathways is undoubtedly cruel,” said Judge Carlos Frederico Moroja, who issued the sentence.

The judge had ordered local authorities to enforce the sentence.


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