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Brazilian food start-up expands vegan cheese market in the country

NoMoo has developed a portfolio of 12 products and is available in supermarkets across Brazil.

NoMoo is another success story in the growing vegan food market in Brazil

Image credit: NoMoo

The Brazilian vegan foodtech scene keeps growing, as we have previously reported. One of the latest examples of growth is NoMoo, a vegan cheese company.

The start-up has carved out an interesting niche for itself with what it calls ‘molecular milk’, whereby it ferments cashew nuts for to make an array of products.

According to a report on Food Navigator, NoMoo’s secret is to “trick bateria to feed on sugar molecules instead of dairy lactose”. Sounds clever!

And this clever secret has allowed the company to create a portfolio of twelve vegan, fermented products.

The company is a husband-and-wife team,Marcelo Doin and Nathália Pires, who left behind a career as corporate attorneys.

The duo spent a stint in New York learning molecular gastronomy and experimenting with cheese, with a view to produce plant-based cheese.

The effort seems to have paid off. These days, the Rio de Janeiro-headquartered company is selling 10 tons of finished product per month. Its portfolio includes some Brazilian favorites such as ‘requeijão’ (cream cheese), butter, mayonnaise, yogurt (‘nogurt’), among others.

After launching locally, NoMoo can already be found on the shelves of supermarkets across Brazil. They say most of their customers are not ‘officially’ vegan, but rather people focused on wellness.

They say their next challenge is to make the product more affordable and scale up production for export.

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