Court bans animal tests by dental college

It is not the first time the dental college in Maringá has trouble with the law because of animals exploited in tests.

Judge rules in favor of animals.

Image: video grab from RPC Maringá TV

A court has ruled that the dental college at the State University of Maringá (UEM), Paraná State in the south of Brazil, can no longer carry out experiments on animals. The decision was made by Judge Fabiano Rodrigo de Souza and was published yesterday (9).

The sentence is a response to a civil action filed by the Paraná State Public Prosecutor in 2011. According to the case file, the dental department started exploiting dogs in research back in the 1980s.

The prosecutor’s office said the dogs, mostly Beagles, were submitted to painful procedures and were kept in inadequate spaces.

The university now has to cease completely the use of dogs and any other animals if they cause them pain, suffering or death, even if under anesthetic.

The college is also banned from breeding dogs or capturing them to keep them confined without any special care for their well-being.

Non-compliance with the decision will incur a penalty of R$1,000 (US$250) per day.

Cruel, pointless animal tests

“The scientific research in question, besides not being suitable because of the ill-treatment of the animals, could not prove their conclusions were applicable to human beings,” the judge said in his statement.

This is not the first time the university has had problems with the law because of lab animal abuse. In September 2019, it received a fine of R$10,000 (US$2,500) from the Ministry of Science and Technology due to the ill-treatment of animals.

The action was filed by the Paraná State Public Prosecutor in response to a petition with 6,000 signatures.

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