Mutual rescue

Deaf dog is adopted by deaf man in Florianópolis

When João Gabriel heard about Pirata, he knew he had to adopt him.

A cute adoption story from the south of Brazil.

Photo: João Gabriel

Pirata, a deaf dog, had been adopted and then returned to the public shelter where he had been taken from. But less than a year later his fate changed when he met a new guardian who fell in love with him because he understood his condition only too well.

João Gabriel Ferreira, 30, became deaf when he was 9, after a case of meningitis.

Currently, he lives in Florianopólis where he studies translation. A friend of his saw Pirata’s story online and told him about the dog. Immediately he considered the possibility of adoption.

He shares a room with three other deaf students and 1 CODA (Children of Deaf Adults).

After being adopted by João, Pirata was renamed to Jögan. The name was inspired by a Japanese anime character, who João loves.

“A few days before finding out about Pirata/Jögan, I was reading about this eye called Jögan, just out of curiosity. Then I saw the dog on Instagram and I noticed his blue eye and it looked so much like the eye of the anime I watched.”

Home sweet home for the deaf

Jögan arrived at his new home on Thursday (9), where, besides his new human family, he shares a roof with female dog called Gabi.

Gabi was rescued from the streets and already understands some commands in sign language.

“It was a very natural process. She understands we are deaf and almost never barks. She warns us of knocks on the door, visitors, she always asks us to go for walks,” says João.

Jögan will soon learn sign language but for now they are focused on his adaptation. “He is doing fine. He looks at us all the time communicating in sign language!”.

João recommends everyone to adopt an animal. “Adopt, don’t shop!” he says. “They are living beings, not products to be disposed of like trash. Never abandon.”

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