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Greens criticize presence of Brazilian minister in Berlin event

It is utterly disappointing that the German government has invited a minister whose political career is devoted to monoculture farming, pesticides and the removal of indigenous people from their lands.

There is no place for the pesticide lobby in a sustainability event

Image: Deutsche Welle

The German Green Party has publicly rebuked the invitation to Tereza Cristina, the Minister of Agriculture of the current extreme-right Brazilian government, to an official food and sustainability event in Berlin this week.

Cristina was in the German capital this week for the Global Forum on Food and Agriculture (#GFFA) at the invitation of the German government.

Cristina is a key member of the government and has been dumping pesticides in Brazil like there’s no tomorrow.

In fact, at the current rate of intoxication of the country, there may not be any tomorrow, since one in five of the chemicals approved are highly toxic.

This year alone, 495 pesticides have been approved for use in Brazil. Perhaps one of reasons Germany turns a blind eye to her credentials is that the poison peddler may be serving the interests of German chemical giants such as Bayer and BASF?

Teresa Cristina not welcome in Berlin

The ‘poison muse’, as she is lovingly dubbed in Brazil, was received with a protest at the site of the forum, where representatives of 70 countries are present, writes Deutsch Welle.

Christian Russau, of the German Association of Ethical Shareholders, said the invitation to Cristina is a scandal because of the record number of pesticides she has been fast-tracking for approval, including those that kill bees.

He also mentions the current government’s policies against human rights, with indigenous people being its favorite target.

“It is a scandal to invite someone who represents the worst of Brazilian agribusiness,” he said.

Brazilians attending the event also protested against her presence.

“It is incoherent for the German government since Germany likes to brand itself a human rights advocate and being concerned with climate issues. She represents a government that is harming its own people and its traditional communities and defends the unbridled release of pesticides with no respect for environmental and health issues. The invitation projects the idea of support and it is sad to see”, said Veruska Prado Alexandre Weiss, a researcher with the federal university in Goiás (UFG).

Uwe Kekeritz, the German party’s spokesperson for development policies at the German parliament, also released a note criticizing the German government’s decision.

He highlighted her extreme right credentials and that she represents a type of agriculture based on monoculture crops for export, genetically modified plants and the massive use of pesticides.

“There is no place for this type of politician in a debate about social and ecological sustainability,” wrote Kekeritz.

Cristina is a member of a family of oligarchs in Mato Grosso do Sul state, a region known for its reactionary and anti-indigenous politics and monoculture-based agribusiness.

Her presence in the extreme right government is key to advance the agenda of the planet-destroying, animal-exploiting agribusiness, all sprayed with a massive amount of life-destroying pesticides.

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