Vegan mayo

Nutrition students create vegan coconut mayo

Students at a food technology school have developed a vegan mayo alternative that hit the right notes with their teacher. They hope they can take it to market.

Coconut and black salt are the key differentials.

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Students at Fatec’s food technology school in Cariri, northeast of Brazil, have developed a coconut-based mayo as part of a research project.

According to research team member, Davidson Ferrer, the manufacturing process is similar to traditional mayo. The main novelty is black salt, an Indian ingredient made from a herb mix that replaces egg.

“We know raw egg risks salmonella contamination, so we went for black salt and it worked really well. The amount needed is very small. It gives off a sulphur smell at first but as the mix settles, the smell goes away and the mix reaches the right consistency.”

The mayo recipe also includes lime juice and olive oil.

Healthy vegan mayo

The mayo is low fat, egg-, milk- and gluten-free, and 100% vegan. The students say the flavor is delicious.

“Our teacher was very excited with the result and encouraged us to carry on with the project. We will continue developing the mayo during the semester and make physical, chemical and microbiological analyses as well as assess its nutritional value.

The students say they hope they can present a more developed product at the Expocrato food fair later this year and that it can reach the market as well.

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