Vegan restaurant seeks transgender staff in Brasília

On National Day of Transgender Visibility, a vegan restaurant does it share to help the transgender community: to offer employment.

A job can make all the difference in the life of a transgender person

Image credit: Tomaz Silva, Agência Brasil

In order to mark National Transgender Day of Visibility (Jan 29), a vegan restaurant in Brasília, capital of Brazil, put up an advert for transgender staff.

Called Faz Bem, the restaurant has been in business since 2014 and is one of the first fully vegan restaurants in Brasília.

Since it opened, the restaurant has been promoting social activities and defending human rights on social networks.

“We would like to use the date to help transgender people overcome one of their greatest difficulties: finding a job,” Faz Bem says on the advert.

“If you are a transgender person and would like to work in the service field, please send us a CV,” it added.

Transphobia in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most violently transphobic countries in the world. Last year, 124 trans people were murdered in the country, according to data released yesterday by the National Association of Transvestites and Transexuals (Antra).

Of all the transgender people murdered in 2019, 82% were black.

The organization notes that only in 11 cases the perpetrator of the crime was identified.

The organization also highlights that the figure is probably lower than the actual one since many cases go unreported. Besides, the motivation of a crime is not always identified.

The number of assaults against transgender people is also extremely high: an estimated 11 people suffer aggression every day in Brazil.

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