Amazon deforestation

Amazon deforestation hits record high in January

As predicted, rates of deforestation continue to break records under Bolsonaro.

2020 kicked off with record deforestation

The Amazon continues to suffer with increased deforestation rates since far-right president Bolsonaro took office.

The latest figures reveal that deforestation in January increased in comparison with the same period last year.

According to data from the National Institute for Space Research released on Friday (7), more than 280 square kilometers (110 square miles) were cleared in the period. This represents an increase of 108% in relation to 2019 and it is the largest area for January since 2015.

Last January also saw a massive increase in deforestation, which could be read as an instant reaction to the new government that had just taken over the country.

The total figure for 2019 was  9,166 square kilometers, the highest number in five years. In 2018, that figure had been 4,946 square kilometers.

Many scientists are concerned that 2020 will see even worse rates of deforestation as the new government loosens regulations, weakens monitoring agencies and signals to land grabbers, miners and ranchers it is on their side.

This week, the government presented a bill to regulate mining on indigenous land, which would lead to more environmental degradation and habitat loss for wildlife.

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