Runaway animals

Drugstore owner adopts cow who sought shelter in her shop

Not all animals get so lucky when they flee a painful situation.

Drugstore owner sympathizes with runaway, wounded cow's plight

Image credit: Ronaldo Moia Jesuíno

A cow on the run got lucky when she decided to seek refuge at Priscila Strapasson’s drugstore in Colombo, Paraná State. The incident took place last week.

According to local media reports, the cow was wounded, frightened and running clumsily in the middle of traffic before she got inside the drugstore.

“We were upstairs when we saw the cow knocking about in the middle of the cars in the parking area. We ran downstairs and she’d gotten inside. She stayed there for half an hour,” she tells.

The cow knocked several products off the shelves and damaged some of them as well.

When the police arrived, the cow had already left and run into a stream.

The fire department then took four hours to rescue the cow from the stream. Local people and city workers joined the effort.

The cow could only be dragged out of the water after becoming very tired and losing her power to resist, witnesses said.

“The next morning we decided to adopt her. We have a ranch in the area and she will be there. We felt sorry for her, she was very wounded,” says Strapasson.

Lieutenant Lucas Henriques Gross said the cow had fallen off a vehicle on the motorway before heading towards the pharmacy.

The local municipal environmental agency, which carried out the rescue, made the adoption official with a sponsorship document that had to be signed by the shopkeeper.

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