Animal hero

Flood dog hero goes viral in Brazil

It's been a wet, tragic summer in Minas Gerais state. Against a backdrop of tragedy, random acts of heroism reignite hope

Minas Gerais State has been hit hard by floods in the last two months

Amidst the tragedy, compassion and heroism. A man faced the strong and muddy flood waters in the town of Machado, Minas Gerais state, to save two dogs from drowning as they were dragged away by the currents.

The striking image of the man carrying two dogs was captured by TV Alterosa, a local TV station.

The man was later identified as a local mechanic. He said the dogs are doing well and it is not clear whether he is their guardians.

The image went viral and struck a chord with internet users who saw in him the recognition that all lives matters, regardless of the adverse circumstances in which people find themselves in.

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