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Activist Luisa Mell praises stars for feather-free Carnival

Carnival culture is far from being fully vegan, but times are a-changin'

Star activist Luisa Mell thanks feather-free Carnival celebrities

Image credit: Instagram/luisamell

Luisa Mell, Brazil’s most prominent animal rights activist, with more than 3 million followers on Instagram, has published a post with praise for stars who wore feather-free costumes during their Carnival appearances.

“They flaunted all their ethical beauty,” she wrote. “17 years ago, when I told a samba school that I would never go to the parade wearing feathers, they were shocked. At the time, that was unthinkable,” she continued.

“You girls started to demand and call out feather wearers and now some of the biggest Carnival personalities have come out without feathers. We are far from the our dream revolution but I can’t not be moved when I see the world change!”

Among the feather-free celebrities who Luisa mentions are actresses Paola Oliveira and Viviane Araújo and TV presenter Sabrina Sato.

Carnival has been feeling the influence of veganism with changes in costumes, which traditionally used feathers sourced from cruel farms abroad, and make-up as bio-glitter becomes more widely available. Conventional glitter is made of micro-plastics that end up in the ocean and harm sea life.

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