Pop and ethical

There’s something wild about Anitta

Brazil's pop queen used her social media platform to send out a wildlife conservation message during Carnival

"The Earth is our home, for humans and non-humans," says Anitta

Image credit: Instagram/anitta

It is safe to say that Anitta is Brazil’s biggest pop star these days.

The young singer from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro rose to fame with her funky brand of pop, sexiness, humor and a very sharp business sense.

Even Madonna is a fan and they sing together on the track Faz Gostoso, which features in Madge’s latest album, Madam X.

The pop star is also good friends with Luisa Mell, Brazil’s most prominent celebrity animal rights activist.

Mell has been a positive influence on Anitta, who supports her rescue operations and is trying really hard to be a full-time vegan.

She is honest about her difficulties and recently admitted she had meat four times last year. All in all, she is a great ally to the animal cause.

Annita and wild animals

During the last edition of Carnival that ended on Tuesday, once again Anitta showed her support for animal rights by dressing up as wild animals and educate her public about wildlife protection and habitat preservation.

She used her artfully produced photos to send out a strong conservation message through her Instagram.

During the festivities, Anitta appeared in panda, bee, frog, sea horse and chameleon costumes.

For each animal she impersonated, she wrote a text with the help of a wildlife expert in order to say the most important things about them.

“I’ll say it everyday! Planet Earth is everyone’s home, all of us animals, humans or not. When other species disappear, it will be a matter of time before we disappear, too. Be mindful of our home, our ecosystems. Loving animals is loving ourselves,” she said.

Regarding her ability to transform herself on stage, Anitta says her mother does not recognize her when she is performing. “Well, chameleons are my inspiration. I turn into a different person each time,” she jokes.

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