Vegan athletes

Vegan athletes boost skyrunning Brazilian team

Brazilian vegan athletes show that a vegan diet is no obstacle for highly demanding sports.

Three vegan athletes go to Spain for World Skyrunning Series

Three vegan athletes are part of the Brazilian Skyrunning team that will compete at the World Skyrunning Series on the Spanish Pyrenees between 8 and 12 July. Skyrunning is considered the most complex and competitive mountain running category.

This is the second time Brazil is present at the event. The three athletes will be in Vall de Bói, near Barcelona, for the Buff Mountain Festival.

The region is surrounded by lakes and 3,000 m peaks. The event attracts the biggest names of the sport.

Brazilian vegan athletes

Elisa Lamego, 29, is a frutarian and holistic therapist. She embarked on her vegan journey in 2013 and started running in 2015. The focus on performance started in 2017 when, according to the athlete, she fell in love with the more technical style of mountain running. Elisa was invited to represent Brazil at the Skyrunner World Series in Scotland in 2018. Her participation in the Spanish event is an opportunity to expand her horizons through trail run.

Mariana Scarpelli, 37, is a nutritionist and mad about running since 2009. She went vegan in 2012 and started training in 2017 when she focused on performance for mountain running. Since then, she has achieved great results related to her lifestyle as well as influenced positively her followers on social networks.

Paula Carvalho, 33, is a biologist and vegan chef in charge of a company called Viver Integral. She became vegetarian in 2004 and vegan in 2014. Her journey in mountain running started in 2012 and, through her love for sport, she made the modality her lifestyle. In 2014, Paula had to stop training for a year after developing chronic compartment syndrome (CCS) on both legs. After undergoing surgery, she started training again in 2015 to recover her physical conditioning, which required great patience and mental effort. In 2019, her good performance helped her get a place in the Skyrunner World Series.

What are skyrunning competitions like?

According to the International Skyrunning Federation, “skyrunning competitions represent the utmost challenge, in which races are not defined only by distance but also by the verticality and technical difficulties in a natural mountain setting where the Earth meets the sky.”

Besides, as a specific trail run modality, skyrunning is a mountain race with parts on very uneven ground. At some points, incline is over 30% where athletes need to cover trails, rocks and snow.

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