Zoo cruelty

New bill tackles zoo cruelty in São Paulo

São Paulo City Council has passed a new bill that bans future zoos and aquariums and introduces new regulations for existing ones.

New bill prevents the creation of new zoos in the city of São Paulo

Image credit: Pixabay/Tony-Medi

São Paulo City Council has passed a new bill that bans the creation of new zoos and aquariums in Brazil’s largest city.

The author of the bill is city councilor Reginaldo Trípoli. The bill has been forwarded to Mayor Covas, who hopefully will sanction it.

Besides banning new zoos and aquariums, the new bill lays out new rules for the operation of existing places, including a ban on the capture of free animals with an intent to exploit them for reproduction.

It also mandates that venues gradually phase out public display of the animals and separate males from females.

Visitation is also changed. The bill makes it mandatory to have a guide to accompany visitors in order to promote environmental education and to reduce stress for the animals.

“The general public needs to be made aware of the suffering of the animals confined for human entertainment. We can not longer bring exotic animals to be displayed at São Paulo’s zoo, such as rhinos, giraffes, tigers and lions. And we cannot allow the breeding of those animals,” the councilor told local magazine Veja SP.

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