Animal cruelty

Dog is rescued after being buried alive

His rescuers suspect he had been in the ground for more than 24 hours

The dog survived thanks to another dog

Another case of animal cruelty has shocked animals lovers in Brazil.

It took place in Balneário Rincão, in the south of Santa Catarina State in the south of Brazil. A small dog had been buried and left to die.

He was found when an a volunteer of a local animal protection organization called OPA saw a female dog desperately scratching the ground, trying to free her friend.

When the volunteer came closer, he heard the whining coming from below the surface. He then realized a dog had been buried alive at that spot.

Video images of the rescue show that only the dog’s nose was above the surface, probably thanks to the other dog’s efforts. That is the reason he could carry on breathing and survived.

With the help of a local woman, the volunteer managed to pull the dog out of the earth.

He suspects the dog had been buried for more than 24 hours because the earth around him was too compact.

“I though these things only happened on the internet!” the local woman can be heard saying.

The dog was ravenous and dehydrated. He was taken to the organization’s shelter and will go through exams and veterinary care.

He still hasn’t got a name but they have decided he will be their mascot. The case has been reported to the police.

Video of the rescue:


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