Environmental crimes

Number of environmental fines in Brazil plummets

Number of fines issued by authorities is down to 1995 levels

Environmental criminals are being let off the hook by the far-right Brazilian government

It seems like that the far-right Brazilian government was to signal to the world that committing environmental crimes pays in Bolsonaro’s Brazil.

Newly-released figures show that the Ministry of Environment has issued 34% fewer fines in 2019 compared with 2018.

The number of fines issued by Ibama, the main federal environmental agency, for breaking environmental rules was down to 9,745.

This is the lowest figure since 1995, when the country suffered the greatest deforestation measured in the historical series.

The combined amount the fines total is R$2.3 billion (US$490 million), or a drop of 43% with inflation taken into account, according to a report in Folha de São Paulo.

Record Amazon deforestation in 2019

Surely there were enough crimes to make the tally higher, not lower, in 2019.

During the year, the world watched in horror as the region suffered with record deforestation rates, reaching terrifying area of 9,762 km², or almost 30% more compared with 2018.

Environmentalists all over the world are concerned that the Amazon may soon reach a tipping point where it will go from being a carbon sink to a carbon emitter.

Along with the trees that are responsible for rain patterns, wildlife is losing their habitats in the Amazon. Many species are being pushed further to the brink of extinction.

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