New life

Rescued pit bull dog can’t stop smiling

He is one of the 33 pit bull dogs rescued in São Paulo in December

Despite the horrors he's lived through, King is now a happy dog

Image: Amigos de São Francisco

The life of a pit bull dog who used to be exploited in dog-fighting clubs has taken a turn for the better ever since he was rescued in the town of Mairiporã, São Paulo State.

The violence King suffered in the past is all behind him now. The joy of feeling love is expressed through a permanent smile on his face.

He is grateful for his new life since the dog fighting operation where he was got bust in December, a case that shocked Brazil.

All the dogs found on the site were rescued. Despite the atrocities the dogs had to endure, they are recovering well, according to Amo Meu Pet website.

King is currently under the care of Amigos de São Francisco, an animal protection NGO in São Paulo. The NGO has 10 of the 33 rescued pit bull dogs.

At the shelter, they run free, get lots of nibbles, good food, plenty of water and, most importantly, are loved and respected.

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