Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Meat cruelty

As beef prices soar, criminals kidnap animals

With an increase in beef exports to China, which means more animals sent to the horrors of the slaughterhouse, beef prices have soared in...
Tribal resistance

Tribes and rubber tappers unite against Bolsonaro

Indigenous tribes and rubber-tapping leaders yesterday gathered to make opposition to President Bolsonaro's measures which are destroying the rainforest, their source of livelihood. According to...

Experts warn of increased Amazon deforestation risk in 2020

As the attention in the run-up to the Davos Economic Forum, which kicks off next Tuesday (21), turns to the environment, the alarm is...
Vegan mayo

Nutrition students create vegan coconut mayo

Students at Fatec's food technology school in Cariri, northeast of Brazil, have developed a coconut-based mayo as part of a research project. According to research...
Vegan cities

Veganism grows in Campinas, one of Brazil’s largest cities

The city of Campinas, in São Paulo State, is one of Brazil's largest cities (14th place), home to a major public university as well...
Mutual rescue

Deaf dog is adopted by deaf man in Florianópolis

Pirata, a deaf dog, had been adopted and then returned to the public shelter where he had been taken from. But less than a...
Cruel trade

Public pet trading banned in Brasilia’s market area

The Brasília Court of Justice has banned sale of pets in streets and squares in the vicinity of Feira dos Importados, no Setor de...

Court bans animal tests by dental college

A court has ruled that the dental college at the State University of Maringá (UEM), Paraná State in the south of Brazil, can no...
Fire hell

Fire kills 60,000 hens in Brazil

Since 2008, ANDA has been producing professional, committed, free, courageous and independent journalism, totally free of charge and accessible to all. Our work has...
Vegan fashion

Brazilian vegan fashion company, Insecta, is buzzing

A Brazilian vegan fashion company founded in 2014 arrives at 2020 with plans of expansion and an amazing track record. Insecta was founded by two...
Veganism for the masses

Brazilian budget vegans defy elitist stereotypes

In a country with huge economic disparities, a chasm that has only grown in recent years since the right-wing coup of 2016, it is...

Skunk is rescued after vicious assault

A female skunk carrying her kits was viciously attacked by a man in Parque Halfeld in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais...