Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Dispatches from the slaughterhouse

“When you kill them, you can’t eat them”

For two years, Gisiele worked on the death line of a poultry farm in the northwest of Paraná state, in the south of Brazil....
Zoo cruelty

New bill tackles zoo cruelty in São Paulo

São Paulo City Council has passed a new bill that bans the creation of new zoos and aquariums in Brazil's largest city. The author of...

Indigenous cooperative makes vegan footwear

An informal cooperative of indigenous men and women has found a way to explore the Amazon forest sustainably to produce organic, vegan footwear made...
Animals in court

Judge accepts cats as plaintiffs in court case

Perhaps for the first time in Brazilian history, a judge has allowed non-human animals to  start a lawsuit against a private party. The plaintiffs...
Vegan athletes

Vegan athletes boost skyrunning Brazilian team

Three vegan athletes are part of the Brazilian Skyrunning team that will compete at the World Skyrunning Series on the Spanish Pyrenees between 8...
Air travel

Dog gets a wounded paw during flight

Anyone who's ever flown with a dog will probably remember the apprehension that comes with that. Most trips are trouble-free but the rate of accidents...

Research: El Niño is contributing to beetle collapse in the Amazon

Intense droughts and fires during the last El Niño cycle, combined with human activity (mainly cattle ranching), has led to a massive drop in...
Amazon deforestation

Amazon deforestation hits record high in January

The Amazon continues to suffer with increased deforestation rates since far-right president Bolsonaro took office. The latest figures reveal that deforestation in January increased in...
Indigenous people

New bill represents lethal threat to indigenous people in Brazil

Brazil's far-right government has many favorite targets such as LGBT's, afro-Brazilian and women's rights and feminists. But it is clearly hellbent on making life...

Fish in Brazilian nature reserves face new threat

An ordinance published by Instituto Chico Mendes, a Brazilian federal environmental agency, has regulated 'recreational fishing' in conservation units occupied by traditional communities. The move...
Runaway animals

Drugstore owner adopts cow who sought shelter in her shop

A cow on the run got lucky when she decided to seek refuge at Priscila Strapasson's drugstore in Colombo, Paraná State. The incident took...

Brazilian vegan market grew 677% between 2014 and 2018

New research by Mintel shows that in the four-year period between 2014 and 2018, the Brazilian vegan market grew by 677%. The figure is...