Monday, December 16, 2019
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Extinction Rebellion calls protests at Brazilian embassies

In response to the oil spill that is spreading along the coast of the northeast of Brazil, and which is destroying animal life and...

New Vogue Brasil beauty columnist is vegan

Vogue Brasil, aware of the new trends in beauty and the appetite for cruelty-free cosmetics, has drafted in Renata Kalil, vegan activist and expert...
Oil spill in Brazil

With their bare hands and no government help, locals try to remove oil manually

  The weekend in Brazil was marked by more heart-breaking images of animals covered in crude oil and local people in northeastern Brazil trying to...

Ramba, the elephant, arrives in Brazil for retirement

It's been a long and arduous journey for the 53-year-old elephant Ramba to Santuário dos Elefantes in Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso state, where...
Oil spill in Brazil

As animal death toll increases, researchers may have found location of oil leakage

The ongoing environmental crime along the northeastern coast of Brazil, where a massive oil spill is impacting coastal ecosystems and killing wildlife, illustrates with...
Working cat

Meet Leon, the world’s most famous cat attorney

It is a pun made in furry heaven. Attorney in Portuguese is 'advogado' while cat is 'gato' - mix these two words together and...
Eating the Amazon

UK meat eaters are financing Amazon deforestation, says Greenpeace

British consumers are helping fuel deforestation and fires in the Amazon by consuming meat from animals fed on soya beans linked to forest fires. Greenpeace...
Indigenous voices

Watch: Brazilian shaman visits BlackRock headquarters in London

Cattle-ranching, mining and logging are killing the planet's main climate regulator. Amazon indigenous people are our best hope to save the planet. Watch this...
Indigenous voices

Indigenous leaders go to Europe on awareness tour

On Thursday (19) a delegation of indigenous leaders from Brazil will start a tour of 12 European countries that will last until November 20....
Amazon deforestation

Amazon deforestation hits record high in September

Deforestation of the Amazon forest continues to grow under the new right-wing Brazilian government. According to the latest data from the Brazilian space agency,...
Environmental crime

Dolphin killed by oil spill in Brazil

The oil spill on the northeastern coast of Brazil has made its first mammalian victim. A dolphin smeared with oil has been found dead...
Cinema for good

Film about homeless people and their animal friends seeks funding

With the economic crisis, the street-dwelling population of Brazil has exploded in recent years. According to 2015 data collected by the Institute of Applied...