Thursday, March 12, 2020
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Veganism for the masses

Brazilian budget vegans defy elitist stereotypes

In a country with huge economic disparities, a chasm that has only grown in recent years since the right-wing coup of 2016, it is...

Skunk is rescued after vicious assault

A female skunk carrying her kits was viciously attacked by a man in Parque Halfeld in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais...
Brazil and Australia

Australian bushfires versus Brazilian forest fires: the differences

"Why isn't Greta, Leonardo and the Pope not saying anything about Australian fires?" "Why is Greta not helping?" Silly and outrageous as it may sound,right-wing bloggers...
Green art

British painter sells her work to help the rainforest in Brazil

A British artist who's seen firsthand the devastating effects of deforestation has used money raised through the sales of her paintings to help protect...
Happy 2020

Animal rights in 2020

We arrive at the end of 2019 with an absolute certainty: human-caused global warming has turned the planet into a slaughterhouse for wild animals...
Rescued animals

Rescue pigs show how intelligent and affectionate they are

It is easier to understand the emotional bonds with pets because of their presence in the house as members of the families. But intelligence...

Ramba, the elephant, dies

Ramba, the elephant who endured decades of abuse in circuses and zoos, has passed away peacefully in Santuário dos Elefantes, an elephant sanctuary in...

Now part of the Natura group, Avon announces it is going cruelty-free

Brazilian cosmetic giant Natura has snapped up Avon for a whopping US$3.7bn. That's good news for animals, since Natura has been cruelty-free since 2006. And...
Dog-fighting victims

Dogs rescued from dog-fighting ring get a second chance

Last week, we wrote about the macabre dog-fighting ring São Paulo police busted, where participants even barbecued animals. The case gripped Brazil's imagination and send...

Scientists identify new Amazon monkey species

A new species of monkey dwelling in the Amazon forest has been confirmed. Called Plecturocebus parecis, it was first spotted more than a century...

New satellite launched to monitor the Amazon

Brazil and China on Friday (20) launched into space the CBERS 04A, a satellite that produces images of Brazil's territory and helps monitor deforestation...
Celebrity vegan

TV icon, Xuxa, promotes veganism on her Instagram

Xuxa, the Brazilian TV icon that has been a household fixture in the country since the 1980s, is using her Instagram account to talk...