Thursday, January 21, 2021
Pop and ethical

There’s something wild about Anitta

It is safe to say that Anitta is Brazil's biggest pop star these days. The young singer from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro rose...
Climate change

Wildfires in Australia and Brazil, animal agriculture and climate apocalypse

How can we dance when our earth is turning? How do we sleep while our beds are burning? (Beds are burning by the Australian band “Midnight...

Livestock, Brazil’s big environmental problem

In 2006, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) released an extensive report, Livestock's Long Shadow, which addressed holistically and thoroughly the various stages of different production processes of the sector. The report brought to light alarming data showing that the production of m

Research: El Niño is contributing to beetle collapse in the Amazon

Intense droughts and fires during the last El Niño cycle, combined with human activity (mainly cattle ranching), has led to a massive drop in...
Dog-fighting victims

Dogs rescued from dog-fighting ring get a second chance

Last week, we wrote about the macabre dog-fighting ring São Paulo police busted, where participants even barbecued animals. The case gripped Brazil's imagination and send...
Animal cruelty

Dog is rescued after being buried alive

Another case of animal cruelty has shocked animals lovers in Brazil. It took place in Balneário Rincão, in the south of Santa Catarina State in...
Animals under attack

Hunters threaten wildlife in reserve in the northeast of Brazil

A biologist who runs a nature reserve in Itapajé, Ceará state (northeast of Brazil) has been threatened by hunters who want to murder animals...
Cinema for good

Film about homeless people and their animal friends seeks funding

With the economic crisis, the street-dwelling population of Brazil has exploded in recent years. According to 2015 data collected by the Institute of Applied...
Vegan athletes

Vegan athletes boost skyrunning Brazilian team

Three vegan athletes are part of the Brazilian Skyrunning team that will compete at the World Skyrunning Series on the Spanish Pyrenees between 8...

Now part of the Natura group, Avon announces it is going cruelty-free

Brazilian cosmetic giant Natura has snapped up Avon for a whopping US$3.7bn. That's good news for animals, since Natura has been cruelty-free since 2006. And...
Meat is murder

New report shows meat companies buying from criminals

Meat production does not kill animals only. It kills forests (and the free animals who call them home) and poor people who get in...
Democracy under attack

Glenn Greenwald is the latest target of political persecution in Brazil

A public prosecutor in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, has filed a criminal charge against Glenn Greenwald, the Pulitzer-winning journalist who became known for his...