Saturday, April 10, 2021
Meat is murder

New report shows meat companies buying from criminals

Meat production does not kill animals only. It kills forests (and the free animals who call them home) and poor people who get in...
Democracy under attack

Glenn Greenwald is the latest target of political persecution in Brazil

A public prosecutor in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, has filed a criminal charge against Glenn Greenwald, the Pulitzer-winning journalist who became known for his...
Amazing wildlife

Giant anaconda spotted in the Amazon

A video of a giant anaconda, known as sucuri in Portuguese, was posted on social networks by a man who lives in Apuí, in...
Animals in court

Judge accepts cats as plaintiffs in court case

Perhaps for the first time in Brazilian history, a judge has allowed non-human animals to  start a lawsuit against a private party. The plaintiffs...
Green art

British painter sells her work to help the rainforest in Brazil

A British artist who's seen firsthand the devastating effects of deforestation has used money raised through the sales of her paintings to help protect...
New life

Rescued pit bull dog can’t stop smiling

The life of a pit bull dog who used to be exploited in dog-fighting clubs has taken a turn for the better ever since...
Police violence

They shoot dogs, don’t they?

Last Monday, a female dog called Lessie was minding her own business in the district of Jardim Turu in the northeastern capital city of...
Unconditional love

A man’s love for his dog scores a goal with football fans in Rio

The love of a football fan for his sick dog has pulled quite a few heartstrings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When his adored...

Indigenous cooperative makes vegan footwear

An informal cooperative of indigenous men and women has found a way to explore the Amazon forest sustainably to produce organic, vegan footwear made...
Brazil and Australia

Australian bushfires versus Brazilian forest fires: the differences

"Why isn't Greta, Leonardo and the Pope not saying anything about Australian fires?" "Why is Greta not helping?" Silly and outrageous as it may sound,right-wing bloggers...
Art show

Claudia Andujar’s photo exhibition of the Yanomami people opens in Paris

For the last 50 years, Swiss photographer, Claudia Andujar, has been documenting and advocating for the Yanomami people. This week she will open a new...
Vegan in Brazil

Vegan in Brazil: tips for plant-based visitors

If you are vegan and thinking about going to Brazil, read on.