Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Research: El Niño is contributing to beetle collapse in the Amazon

Intense droughts and fires during the last El Niño cycle, combined with human activity (mainly cattle ranching), has led to a massive drop in...
Tribal resistance

Tribes and rubber tappers unite against Bolsonaro

Indigenous tribes and rubber-tapping leaders yesterday gathered to make opposition to President Bolsonaro's measures which are destroying the rainforest, their source of livelihood. According to...
Brazil and Australia

Australian bushfires versus Brazilian forest fires: the differences

"Why isn't Greta, Leonardo and the Pope not saying anything about Australian fires?" "Why is Greta not helping?" Silly and outrageous as it may sound,right-wing bloggers...
Democracy under attack

Glenn Greenwald is the latest target of political persecution in Brazil

A public prosecutor in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, has filed a criminal charge against Glenn Greenwald, the Pulitzer-winning journalist who became known for his...
Veganism for the masses

Brazilian budget vegans defy elitist stereotypes

In a country with huge economic disparities, a chasm that has only grown in recent years since the right-wing coup of 2016, it is...
Green art

British painter sells her work to help the rainforest in Brazil

A British artist who's seen firsthand the devastating effects of deforestation has used money raised through the sales of her paintings to help protect...

Now part of the Natura group, Avon announces it is going cruelty-free

Brazilian cosmetic giant Natura has snapped up Avon for a whopping US$3.7bn. That's good news for animals, since Natura has been cruelty-free since 2006. And...
Meat cruelty

As beef prices soar, criminals kidnap animals

With an increase in beef exports to China, which means more animals sent to the horrors of the slaughterhouse, beef prices have soared in...
Livestock and deforestation

Beef is destroying the Amazon

It is not exactly a novelty but it's essential to remind people that the main driver of deforestation in the Amazon is livestock. This study...
Vegan fashion

Brazilian vegan fashion company, Insecta, is buzzing

A Brazilian vegan fashion company founded in 2014 arrives at 2020 with plans of expansion and an amazing track record. Insecta was founded by two...
Vegan in Brazil

Vegan in Brazil: tips for plant-based visitors

If you are vegan and thinking about going to Brazil, read on.
Runaway animals

Drugstore owner adopts cow who sought shelter in her shop

A cow on the run got lucky when she decided to seek refuge at Priscila Strapasson's drugstore in Colombo, Paraná State. The incident took...