Thursday, February 25, 2021
Zoo cruelty

New bill tackles zoo cruelty in São Paulo

São Paulo City Council has passed a new bill that bans the creation of new zoos and aquariums in Brazil's largest city. The author of...
Climate change

Wildfires in Australia and Brazil, animal agriculture and climate apocalypse

How can we dance when our earth is turning? How do we sleep while our beds are burning? (Beds are burning by the Australian band “Midnight...
Tribal resistance

Tribes and rubber tappers unite against Bolsonaro

Indigenous tribes and rubber-tapping leaders yesterday gathered to make opposition to President Bolsonaro's measures which are destroying the rainforest, their source of livelihood. According to...
Oil spill in Brazil

With their bare hands and no government help, locals try to remove oil manually

  The weekend in Brazil was marked by more heart-breaking images of animals covered in crude oil and local people in northeastern Brazil trying to...
Vegan in Brazil

Vegan in Brazil: tips for plant-based visitors

If you are vegan and thinking about going to Brazil, read on.

Fish in Brazilian nature reserves face new threat

An ordinance published by Instituto Chico Mendes, a Brazilian federal environmental agency, has regulated 'recreational fishing' in conservation units occupied by traditional communities. The move...
Dog-fighting victims

Dogs rescued from dog-fighting ring get a second chance

Last week, we wrote about the macabre dog-fighting ring São Paulo police busted, where participants even barbecued animals. The case gripped Brazil's imagination and send...
Meat cruelty

As beef prices soar, criminals kidnap animals

With an increase in beef exports to China, which means more animals sent to the horrors of the slaughterhouse, beef prices have soared in...

Carnival in Brazil flirts with veganism, too

This weekend, Brazilians all over the country will take to the streets to kickstart the world's biggest party and broadcast the awe-inspiring parades in...
Indigenous people

New bill represents lethal threat to indigenous people in Brazil

Brazil's far-right government has many favorite targets such as LGBT's, afro-Brazilian and women's rights and feminists. But it is clearly hellbent on making life...
Pop and ethical

There’s something wild about Anitta

It is safe to say that Anitta is Brazil's biggest pop star these days. The young singer from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro rose...
Vegetarian Brazil

30 million Brazilians are now vegetarian

The Brazilian vegetarian society (SVB) estimates that 30 million people in Brazil have adopted a vegetarian diet, or 14% of the overall population of...