Monday, December 16, 2019
Sugarcane disaster

Bolsonaro’s new threat to the planet: ethanol sugarcane

The current fascist government onslaught on the planet moves on like a derailed train. The latest crime against the Amazon comes in the form...

Extinction Rebellion calls protests at Brazilian embassies

In response to the oil spill that is spreading along the coast of the northeast of Brazil, and which is destroying animal life and...
Bee holocaust

Pesticides killed 50 million bees in one month, study concludes

Clinical tests have revealed that the 50 million bees who died in January in the southern state of Santa Catarina in Brazil died from poisoning by pesticide.
Animal cruelty

Brazilian president’s son ‘threw bomb at dog’

The embattled son of neo-fascist president Jair Bolsonaro, Carlos Bolsonaro, told colleagues at Rio's City Council, where is a councilor, that he threw a...
Pet abandonment

30 million pets are homeless in Brazil

Pet homelessness is a problem you can't avert your eyes from in Brazil. All over the country, dogs and cats roam the streets, looking...
Wetlands fire

Blue arara threatened by fires in Pantanal wetlands

The blue arara is one of the animals threatened by the increase of fires in the Pantanal region
Amazon fires

Brazilian police closer to Amazon forest arsonists

A Brazilian police investigation is making progress to find, and hopefully arrest, land-grabbers in Pará State who led a movement called Day of Fire,...

ANDA expands with English-language website focused on Brazil

ANDA (Animal Rights News Agency), was created to promote respect to all animal life and deliver quality journalistic content, from the perspective of animal’s best interests, to the media and society.

Ai Weiwei turns to the Amazon for his next art project

China's most famous e respected artist, Ai Weiwei has turned his attention to the fires that have been ravaging the Amazon with serious consequences...
Oil spill tragedy

Wildlife threatened by oil spill in Brazil

The new right-wing government led by Jair Bolsonaro is further tainted by a second massive environmental tragedy in Brazil in just 10 months of...
Pop food

Coxinha, a Brazilian food icon gets a vegan makeover

Anyone who's ever been to Brazil probably has seen the teardrop-shaped fried snack that is ubiquitous in the country and which is called coxinha...
Live exports

MFA Brasil releases live export video campaign

The Brazilian branch of Mercy for Animals yesterday released a video denouncing the horrors of the live export business in Brazil. The video is...