October 4th

A message for World Animal Day

October 4th is World Animal Day, the date to raise awareness and promote compassion for all animals, not just those we have at home,...
Amazon fires

Amazon fires have killed ‘at least’ 500 jaguars, says big cat organization

At least 500 resident jaguars living in the Amazon region between Brazil and Bolivia have been killed or rendered homeless in Amazon fires, says Panthera, a global wild cat protection organization.

Livestock, Brazil’s big environmental problem

In 2006, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) released an extensive report, Livestock's Long Shadow, which addressed holistically and thoroughly the various stages of different production processes of the sector. The report brought to light alarming data showing that the production of m
Bee holocaust

Pesticides killed 50 million bees in one month, study concludes

Clinical tests have revealed that the 50 million bees who died in January in the southern state of Santa Catarina in Brazil died from poisoning by pesticide.
Marine life tragedy

Oil that has killed marine life may be from Venezuela

The crude oil spills currently spread across the northeastern coast of Brazil may be of Venezuelan origin, according to a confidential report compiled by...
Rio dogs

Rio dogs allowed back on the beach

Dog-loving lawmakers in Rio de Janeiro have succeeded in passing a new bill that allows guardians to take their dogs to any beach in the city. The new bill replaces a 2005 piece of legislation that banned dogs from Rio’s beaches.